Benefits of MTS solutions:

 Governance and justice

  • Ensure compliance with local, state and federal requirements using integrated checklists, triggers, and alerts
  • Manage documents faster and more accurately when all authorized persons can gain access at once
  • Efficiently distribute, acknowledge and archive your policies from a single source
  • Improve public safety when police, sheriffs and state troopers can efficiently and securely store and access files in real time
  • Integrated ERP

Public Records

  • Digitize and index decades of paper documents  for fast and easy retrieval, and eliminate most of your file storage
  • Offer constituents secure self-service access to records
  • Answer record requests quickly
  • Improve transparency and security with authorizations and audit trails

 Planning & Public Works

  • Provide instant, secure access to drawings and documents directly from your Accela application
  • Store assets efficiently with secure and immediate access by authorized users
  • Speed up community development and infrastructure initiatives by automating review processes
  • Leverage solutions across the enterprise as time, budget and goals permit