Asset Creation Automation

Streamline the process of populating your LOS and/or portfolio management system(s) with asset data by automatically extracting line-item information from invoices.

icon: Reduce Time & Expense

Reduce Time & Expense

  • Eliminate the time and expense of manually keying invoice line-items into your LOS or portfolio management systems.
  • Immediate and automated processing of asset-level data upon receipt; no month-end bottlenecks.
  • Automatically confirm that line-item details on invoices match what was credit approved in order to book & fund transactions in a timely manner.
icon: Better Control Risk

Better Control Risk

  • Immediate visibility to potential issues or discrepancies between credit approval & invoices allows better client servicing and minimizes internal exception processing.
  • Immediate ingestion & capture of data provides visibility to status and funding turn-around metrics.
  • Enhance end-of-term, buyout, and upgrade processes by capturing line-item detail from invoices.