Importer Improves Cash Flow and Reduces Costs While Speeding Up Customer Service

Our Client

A multi-national food and beverage importer.


  • High cost of managing paper—purchase, storage, transcription, copying, storage, destruction.
  • Poor customer service experience due to delays and errors
  • Loss of potential to analyze data and discover new sales opportunities and trends

Our MTS solution saves us $125K a year in labor and operating costs. Better still, sales days outstanding fell from 38 to 32. At $250K a day, that’s a net $1.5 million gain in cash flow.


  • MTS initially provided this company with our IntellaFlo Accounts Payable solution. When that paid for itself in under 6 months, the company requested further solutions.
  • Additional IntellaFlo solutions have been integrated with the company’s LOB, including P-Card management, Accounts Receivable, Compliance, Procurement, Quality and others.