AP Automation 101 - 2019-02-28

Learn where to start when evaluating AP automation.

Video: 2019-Q1-0228 Webinar - AP Automation 101

Let us help you navigate through all the AP automation options to understand which solutions are considered best-in-class and which can provide you the greatest return on investment.

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View this on-demand webinar to gain a better understanding of:

  • Automation options – What does every AP department need at a minimum?
  • OCR and RPA – What is this technology I keep hearing about?
  • Automation models – Do I use SaaS vs On-Premises solutions?
  • The future of AP Automation – What I should I know about today?

This webinar was developed from over 21 years of expertise within the Accounts Payable automation industry, as well as trends projected from leading industry analysts. By attending, you will gain a unique understanding of what AP automation solutions the best in class companies are using today.

With technology changing every day, it is virtually impossible for AP departments to stay on top of the latest AP automation options in the market. Where do I start, and which automation options provide the best return on investment? This educational webinar can assist you by providing you with best practice knowledge to make your automation review process less time consuming and provide you with the knowledge needed to make better informed decisions on automation.

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"To start out, one of the easiest ways to know if you are automated or not is to look at your invoice volume compared to the volume of actual AP processors--people who are processing your invoices...."

"After you put automation in, at a minimum, you should be getting 5x more throughput. That's on the low end, we also see customers getting up to 8x more invoices per person processed, and that's because a lot of it is being automated. A lot of the manual routine work that AP is doing today can be automated, so that same person doesn't have to see every invoice in AP like they do when you are not automated."

"...that's a good stat to look at to get a good idea if you need automation or not, or where you are at compared to the rest of the market."

-Rob DeVincent, MTS' Senior Solutions Consultant

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