Maximize Salesforce and OnBase - 2019-08-29

Student, Alumni, & Business Processes Managed from OnBase &

Video: 2019-Q3-0829 Webinar - Salesforce Integration for Higher Education

Manage student, alumni, and business processes from OnBase and

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If you're using both the leading CRM application and the leading content services platform (Salesforce and OnBase of course!) then this webinar is for you.

Playback this ~45-minute webinar to learn how you can eliminate information silos and gain access and real-time visibility to documents, metadata, and workflows managed in OnBase directly from your applications.

Walk through the functional capabilities, system architecture and our implementation approach to integrating Salesforce with OnBase; ultimately providing you with an option to avoid any custom programming overheads.

Our 'Integration Gateway for Salesforce' product is a pre-packaged solution to seamlessly integrate OnBase with Salesforce. Built on the OnBase SDK and the platform, our integration framework enables users to - view, link, archive, search AND exchange documents and data between OnBase and ANY Salesforce object. With point-and-click configuration interface built into the Salesforce user interface, administrators can easily map Salesforce and OnBase attributes and view the audit trail of all document transmissions.


About MTS Software Solutions

MTS Software Solutions provides technology and services that simplify, streamline, and accelerate document and data-driven processes. As an Authorized OnBase Solution Provider, MTS offers the experience and technical expertise to maximize your ROI in the management of your content.

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Integration Gateway: Integrate Salesforce and OnBase

Brochure: Integration Gateway: Integrate Salesforce and OnBase

Gain access and real-time visibility to documents, metadata, and workflows managed in OnBase directly from your applications. The Integration Gateway enables users to capture, view, and exchange documents and data between standard and custom objects in and OnBase ECM.

ECM Consulting Services

ECM Consulting Services

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Consulting Services from MTS Software Solutions ensure your technology investments are exceeding your expectations and adding value across the enterprise.

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"When it comes to Salesforce, we discovered, through the feedback from our customers, that because of how Salesforce is designed, we need a more in-depth layer of integration that gets embedded on the platform. So..., we started building one-off solutions and from there we quickly recognized that there is a need for such integration.

Today what we have is MTS Integration Gateway for Salesforce and OnBase; a solution that helps you bridge the OnBase content with the Salesforce data ... using a bi-directional communication channel. MTS Integration Gateway helps you keep the data points and the associated documents in sync on both sides of the spectrum. The end goal is to help you increase productivity, eliminate silos, and streamline your business processes."


-Sam Kharidi, MTS Director of Product Management

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