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What We Do

MTS Software Solutions provides technology and services that simplify, streamline and accelerate core business processes.

Intelligent Document Data Solutions

Business Process Automation and workflow software, scanning services, on premises or outsourced, are designed for efficient front and back‐office operations.

IntellaFlo Product Platform

IntellaFlo is a web-based workflow and case management platform.

MTS Software Solutions has built a number of applications that operate both independently and/or in conjunction with our other software offerings.

Accounts Payable


  • Extended cycle times cost you money in late fees and penalties
  • Paper increases risk of error in transcription

Expense Management

The challenges

  • Costly and cumbersome paper process adds up to $25 to each report
  • Slow reimbursement strains employees

MTS solution benefits include

Distributed Office Automation

The challenges

  • Delays caused by the need to move physical files over distances
  • Delays caused by handling files in sequence, instead of simultaneously

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