Mortgage Processing Automation

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Mortgage Processing Automation

Today's borrowers are seeking a timely and transparent mortgage process. Regulatory agencies continue to impose standards on lenders to not only implement these standards but also to report and reflect compliance at scale.

Our solutions facilitate efficient loan processing - with greater visibility into the process for the borrower, while promoting what's most important to lenders today - productivity, protection against audits, and profit margins.

What is IntellaLend?

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IntellaLend is a loan document and data management platform that combines intelligent capture, workflow, and analytics technologies to minimize manual effort and maximize compliance in mortgage processing. Reports and dashboards easily expose the status of a loan to all parties and allow lenders to measure the efficiency of the loan lifecycle and the productivity of their teams.

By automating loan set-up and preparation, lenders can turn more applications in less time with fewer resources.

How It Works


IntellaLend capture illustration: documents and data in multiple formats go into funnel

Captures incoming documents and data in any format at the point of origin.


IntellaLend classify illustration: 3 stacks of documents checked for accuracy

Automatically identifies the loan document type, creates document boundaries and determines presence/absence of critical documents.

Extract & Validate

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Extracts key data points from appropriate document types and confirms accuracy and consistency of the extracted data across the loan file and/or in comparison with 3rd-party systems.


IntellaLend automate illustration: automatic processing allows operators to focus only on exceptions

Facilitates touchless processing and allows the operators to focus on handling exceptions. Customers can establish notification criteria and workflows via a configurable rules engine.



Delivers validated data to loan origination and other systems.


IntellaLend analyze illustration: real-time reporting interface on computer monitor

Real-time reporting dashboards provide visibility into operator productivity and process bottlenecks.

In Summary

IntellaLend combines capture, workflow and analytics technologies to automate loan set-up and documentation processing.

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