Library Digitization

Library Digitization

Digital Library Collections Bring Legacies to Life

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Archival Preservation and Public Accessibility Are Dependent Upon Digitization of Library Collections

In this technology age, conservation supplies now include scanners, computers, printers, networks and software to tie them all together. Eliminating the need to directly handle light sensitive or fragile collections is made possible by digitizing the collection, putting it in a searchable digital database and providing access (paid/free) to that database over a computer network.

With over 30 years of experience, MTS Software Solutions has helped libraries digitize their collections in both academic and public libraries for both public and interlibrary loans. Below is a sampling of our client's success.

- Case Study -
Rare Book Collection Digitized and Accessible Online

Delicate Collections Are Protected And Can Be Shared WorldWide

Caring for over a million library items, this university library has kept up with technology trends. Instead of a warehouse for books, visitors experience a learning and social environment with access to state-of-the-art technology.

To continue to provide cutting edge services, they invited MTS Software Solutions to design a digital solution for their rare book collections. Once digital, a website was created to host the scanned books, and within 18 months, the solution more than paid for itself.

Our Botanical Collection literally comes alive with the hues that the book scanner creates.

- Archivist for a Philadelphia Library

- Case Study -
Textiles Preserved, Protected and Digitally Shared

Striving to be the premier academic information resource of its University, this library supports a variety of physical and online resources. To capture the colors and textures of their collection of textiles and sewing trade cards in their digital library, they choose a large format scanner supported and serviced by MTS Software Solutions.

The large scanner is able to pick up the depth and texture of the scanned textiles; the quality is impressive.

- Special Collections Librarian