MTS Software Solutions Expands Partnership with Allies, Inc.

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Moorestown, NJ—October 15, 2014—By integrating the IntellaFlo platform with their existing enterprise content management (ECM) system, Allies, Inc. will streamline their scheduling operations and deepen their relationship with MTS Software Solutions (MTS), a leading provider of document and business process automation software and services.

“Allies Inc., an affiliate of Woods, is a not-for-profit agency that provides clinical, residential and vocational support services for people statewide with special needs and developmental disabilities,” says Don Tretola, SVP of Public Affairs and Program Development. “We are constantly looking to increase efficiencies in all areas of our operations.”

In the interest of leveraging their existing ECM solution, OnBase by Hyland, Allies has re-engaged MTS Software Solutions to identify additional opportunities to increase efficiencies. Having previously implemented OnBase at Allies, MTS will augment the existing functionality with their workflow management platform, IntellaFlo. Integrating IntellaFlo with OnBase will enable Allies to optimally match the skills, certifications and availability of their personnel with the program’s needs.

“We approached MTS Software Solutions, Inc. looking to become a paperless environment - eliminating the need to store paper files and associated costs as well as to prevent the probability of lost, faded or illegible documents,” continues Mr. Tretola. “MTS promptly took action - understanding our needs and creating a program that brings to fruition a true paperless system.”

“This is and will continue to be a great partnership,” says Andy Schwartz, SVP of Sales and Marketing at MTS. “What we’re providing Allies is precisely our core competency – simplifying and streamlining operations, such as HR, Scheduling and Accounts Payable. It’s a bonus to know that our products, services and expertise help to support their mission of making a difference in the special needs community around the state.”

About Allies, Inc.
Allies, Inc. is an accredited nonprofit agency dedicated to providing housing, healthcare, meaningful employment, and recreational opportunities to people with special needs in the communities of their choice. Since 1999, we have been enriching the lives of people with special needs by promoting their greater independence with dignity, respect and understanding.

About MTS Software Solutions Inc.
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