AP Automation Best Practices - 2018-10-18

How Best-in-class Companies are Using AP Automation

Video: 2018-Q4-1018 Webinar - AP Automation Best Practices

Let us help you navigate through all the AP automation options to understand which solutions are considered best-in-class and which can provide you the greatest return on investment.

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View this on-demand webinar to gain a better understanding of:

  • How to get to a 100% electronic paper free invoice receiving process.
  • Is an OCR solution worthwhile to consider?
  • Is the trend to build invoice workflow and matching in your ERP system or use a third party AP solution?
  • Is AP automation trending to the cloud?
  • Which AP automation options should be prioritized over others for best return on investment?

This webinar has been developed from over 20 years knowledge of the Accounts Payable automation industry as well as trends projected from leading industry analysts. Attendees will gain a unique understanding during this webinar of where the AP automation industry is moving and which type solutions the best-in-class companies are using today.

With technology changing every day, it is virtually impossible for AP departments to stay on top of the latest AP automation options in the market. Even when an AP department decides to investigate automation, the many solutions all tend to look the same and it is a challenge to navigate through all the options to understand which solutions are considered best in class and can provide the greatest return on investment. This is where MTS Solutions educational webinars can assist by providing best practice knowledge to our webinar attendees to make the automation review process less time confusing and provide attendees the knowledge needed to make a better informed decision on automation.

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Icon of Best-in-class Accounts Payable Automation: 2 Ribbon Award with workflow circle of 2 elements around AP

"Best-in-class is fully electronic, invoices either coming in as an e-invoice or being extracted automatically, so you have all that data, and you aren't manually keying from an image; you're in an environment that is....

So the first step in this whole process is how do we get to be 100% electronic, having a paper free accounts payable department...."

-Rob DeVincent, MTS' Senior Solutions Consultant

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