Data – The True Value of Scanning

Smart Document Indexing and Data Extraction

Video: Data – The True Value of Scanning

One of the most critical benefits of scanning your documents is getting access to all of the information contained within your documents.

We help organizations easily access data from the documents that drive their business processes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Learn more about our document indexing and data extraction services.

Scanning Services

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Document Scanning and Conversion Services from MTS Software Solutions put your data and documents right at your finger tips wherever and whenever you need them – not stored away in filing cabinets, basements, or off-site storage facilities.

Document Business Process Outsourcing Services

Brochure: Document Business Process Outsourcing Services

With a combination of top-notch technology, industry-leading equipment, and a rigorously trained team of operators, we can help your company reduce the burden of paper-handling and manual data entry.

"One of the most valuable aspects of any scanning project is the data that we are capturing.

We can capture data manually or we can utilize our customer's database to attach that to our system. That way we can leverage the data that our customer already uses internally and apply that to the records we are scanning."

-Eric Smith, MTS Production Manager

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