IntellaLend - Leverage OCR and AI for Loan Quality and Compliance - 2020-04-16

Streamline Your Loan Process

Video: 2020-Q2-0416-Webinar-IntellaLend - Leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Loan Quality and Compliance

This webinar will provide attendees with a detailed overview and demonstration of IntellaLend and discuss various use cases where IntellaLend has been implemented to solve the many stare and compare document and data QC review tasks. The goal is to reduce and automate manual touchpoints and enable retail, wholesale and correspondent lenders to process more loans with less risk, overhead and FTE staff.

Presented by Sam Kharidi, Director of Product Management and Jay Burns, Sr. Solutions Consultant, attendees will be enlightened on how the technology advances available via Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning OCR takes the manual process out of loan quality management.

IntellaLend is an automated loan quality management solution that utilizes advance OCR and Artificial Intelligence to dramatically reduce or eliminate many of the manual tasks associated with the pre and post-close loan review process.

IntellaLend - Automated Loan Quality Management Platform

DTSH0105 Brochure: IntellaLend - Automated Loan Quality Management Platform

IntellaLend ensures a saleable and trackable loan asset while increasing efficiency and capacity.

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"IntellaLend is a Loan Quality Management platform that is specifically designed to ingest large data sets, whether it is structured or unstructured loan packages. It will automatically identify the contents of those loan packages, then using our checklist and rules engine, it will help you automate the QC functions that are typically handled in manual or disparate systems."

-Sam Kharidi, MTS' Director of Product Management

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