Scanning Project Overview

Life Cycle of a Document Scanning Project

Video: Scanning Project Overview

Want to know more about how a scanning project works?

Eric Smith, Production Manager for our Document Scanning and Conversions department, walks you through a scanning project.

In this project overview video, Eric takes us through the entire process, from boxing and transporting your paper documents, indexing and data verification, to return delivery and/or document destruction.

Scanning Services

Brochure: Scanning Services

Document Scanning and Conversion Services from MTS Software Solutions put your data and documents right at your finger tips wherever and whenever you need them – not stored away in filing cabinets, basements, or off-site storage facilities.

"All the boxes are logged into our inventory system, so we know the amount of boxes that we have and at any point where they are in the process.

We also offer the ability for customers to track their projects live through a web-based portal."

-Eric Smith, MTS Production Manager

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