ECM Integration

Instantly Access Your Business Content within Your LOB
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ECM Integration

ECM Integration

Imagine. Integrated with your Line Of Business (LOB) systems is a solution that facilitates instant access to ALL your content and documents related to your organizational processes.

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You might be overwhelmed picturing your thousands of incoming and backfile paper documents, and realize that accessing your business data securely anywhere, anytime within your existing LOB systems is a far-reached dream. The manual data entry alone is huge undertaking.

That’s where we come in. We have helped thousands of organizations convert their paper processes into digital workflows and are confident we can help you too.

With over 30 years of experience in the information management industry, we have gained the expertise required to successfully integrate, optimize, and support business improvement technologies with your existing line of business systems.

Where to Begin with a Content Management Project?

Electronic forms (E-Forms) is a common place to start content management projects. Paper and manual data entry is replaced with digital forms, created with an easy to use point-and-click interface—one form at a time. Next thing you know, your converted processes are faster, more accurate, and have the digital clarity and compliance that helps you sleep at night.

Access Your Content from Your LOB Systems

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Your team will be pleased that they can continue to use the same familiar interface they work with daily, with the added advantage of being able to quickly search, easily find, and securely access the documents and data they need to do their job well.

With your new one-stop-shop for content you will have effectively eliminated the application and department silos that slowed your business processes down. This is only the beginning of what the integration of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution with your existing LOB systems can do for your organization.

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